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On May 24, 2024, the participants of the JDOST spring tour 2024 met in the Ötscher community of Gaming in the former Charterhouse of Marienthron under sometimes adverse weather conditions (heavy rain and hail).

After the tour of the Kartause, there was a champagne reception followed by dinner. After it was decided by lot that I would have the honor of writing the report on the weekend, the start numbers were assigned and there were a few instructions from the organizers, the evening ended in a boozy mood.

On Saturday, after a group photo including the club standards, a dozen or so vehicles started as planned on time at 9:00 a.m.

Our first destination was the Celtic village of Mitterkirchen, where we were given a guided tour of the Celtic jewelry and were allowed to go wild boar hunting with bow and arrow. And we wouldn’t have starved! And there were no injured members either. Afterwards we went to the Moser Alm for lunch, where most of the participants enjoyed a fantastic roast in a box.

After this light and wholesome meal, we continued to the MostBirnHaus. There we were able to learn more about MOST – and also taste it. Finally, after a good 220 kilometers, we arrived safely back at the Charterhouse – with no machine breakdowns, only some of the participants were showing the 220 km. To round off the day, the Schostal family joined us and there was something to eat again. However, for most participants, this evening did not last as long as the previous evening.

On Sunday, as planned, we left the Kartause after breakfast at 9:00 sharp in the direction of the Eibl Jet Türnitz, where the Reitmeier family was already waiting for us. In a variety of weather conditions, most of the participants sped down the mountain on the Eibl Jet – some once, some several times. After this “fun” we drove in good spirits to the Holzhof Herzerl Mitzi – and how could it be otherwise – for lunch.

All participants completed this almost flawlessly and after awarding each participant a heart, the group continued on towards Karmel Mayerling. No one could explain the late arrival. I couldn’t either. No matter.

After a very informative and interesting journey into the past (January 1889), this well-organized trip ended with another meal – this time at the Gasthof zum Alten Jagdschloss – but I cannot judge whether it was good, as I had already started my journey home by that time.

Finally, I would like to thank the organizers once again for this great trip and I am already looking forward to the next trip – and hopefully someone else will be able to write the report. It was very nice, I was very happy – goodbye!

Text: C. Diviak

Photos: JDOST©

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