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On May 11, 2024, the JDOST and Baron & Baroness Gecmen-Waldeck invited people to the Jaguar Classic Days 2024. Many historical cats could be admired in the breathtaking ambience of Sighartstein Castle. Excellently served with suckling pig and grilled chicken, the enthusiasts present were able to exchange ideas about their favorite hobby and express mutual admiration for this unique car brand.

In the late afternoon we went in a parade to Mondsee Castle, which we were allowed to visit. Afterwards there was a lively end in the restaurant and good impulse discussions until midnight.On Sunday, the purring kittens moved towards the Postalm in the best weather, where they made a short stop to position the cars in style for a group photo.

The event ended with a delicious lunch in the Winterstellgut and many participants headed home.

New friendships, good conversations, nice cars, great atmosphere -> What a weekend!

Text: M. Lieblein

Photos: JDOST©

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