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Membership of JDOST


Would you like to become a member of JDOST?

Please simply fill out the fields below and the enclosed membership form, attach it and sign it as an attachment and send the form!

Download membership form

We look forward to seeing you!

Please also note the membership information below.


    The membership fee must be transferred to the association account or paid in cash to the board by January 15th at the latest.
    If you join from July 1st, half the membership fee for the current calendar year must be paid. For entry from November 1st, there is no longer a fee for the current calendar year.

    The membership fee is currently EUR 80.00 per year. For each additional family member aged 18 or over, an amount of currently EUR 30.00 is charged. The one-time registration fee is EUR 35.00.

    Changes to the membership fee are decided by the general meeting. Each member is automatically accepted as an extraordinary member; the definitive admission as a full member takes place after a six-month probationary period by the board and the full members of the JDOST. The member agrees that the data will be recorded electronically.

    Download membership form

    “Club highlights”

    • Monthly club evenings with news about club events
    • Monthly News Jaguar Land Rover / Jaguar Drivers Club
    • Three or more perfectly organized club trips
    • Practical/technically related seminars
    • Bowling and bocce tournaments
    • Community evenings (goose dinner, Christmas party)
    • Participation in trade fairs and events
    • Exchange of experiences when buying and selling
    • Assistance with repairs/restorations
    • Discounts with cooperation partners

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