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Before the start of the rally season, our annual light barrier training took place on Sunday, April 14th. To our great joy, this time 9 teams from our friendly MGOC (MG Owners Club Austria) took part.

7 members of the JDOST met around 12:30 to prepare the light barrier system. At around 1:15 p.m. all participants arrived and after a short greeting and explanation of the process, the participants started the warm-up laps. After completing 9 laps per car, with 3 light barriers having to be triggered on each lap, there was a short break. After discussing the split times and individual results, it was time for the competition. Each participant drove 3 laps in a row, with different time requirements to be adhered to for each lap.

After evaluating the results by our member Mr. Werner Sch. the following teams could be congratulated with a winner’s certificate: 3rd place went to the Neuroth family, 2nd place went to the Winkler family and the Pelz family won the title.

We would like to thank all members for their support, as well as all participants for their interest and participation and look forward to the next joint event.

Text: Marion Schöbel

Pictures: JDOST©

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