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Classic Expo Salzburg and club evening in the West section

The Classic Expo Salzburg took place this year from October 20th to 22nd, 2023. At the Salzburg Exhibition Center, visitors came through various exhibitors (dealers, parts market, clubs, organizers), special shows (75 years of Porsche, 100 years of MG and Italian motorcycles) as well as a varied supporting program (lectures, auction, test drives for young vintage enthusiasts,… ) enjoy a wide range of information and activities on the subject of classic cars.

JDOST was again represented at the trade fair this year with a club stand. We celebrated ‘1 year of JDOST West Section’ with our renewed equipment (flooring, bench, armchairs, bar tables,…) and at the same time ’75 years of Jaguar sports cars’ with an open XK 120 (first Jaguar sports car in 1948), an E-Type Coupé and an F-Type Cabrio (the last of its kind with a combustion engine in 2023). We also present two classic sedans – a Mk II and an XJ6 Series 3.

Wolfgang, Heinz, Hannes, Gregor, Bernhard and Andi were already on site on Thursday to set up the trade fair stand. The sight of the finished work filled us with pride. The effort was great – the result was great.

Friday, the first day of the fair. The number of visitors is limited throughout the exhibition grounds. However, we were happy to have some interested parties and friends who visited us. We ended the evening comfortably with food and drink together with our sponsor Roman Kaubek & Friends in the Stiegl Brauwelt.

Saturday, the second day. Traditionally the day of the trade fair with the highest number of visitors. At times the stand was so full that there was hardly any room left for any additional audience. We were totally overwhelmed and very grateful by the influx of so many interested parties, members, friends and partners. Many thanks to Claudia, Brigitte, Karl and Michael, who helped look after the stand all day.

Also traditional – the JDOST club evening of our WEST section.

Sunday, third and final day. There was no big influx of other Jaguar enthusiasts thirsty for knowledge – the number of visitors was back at Friday’s level, which wasn’t a big surprise. There was more time for individual conversations and some space to breathe in between. At around 4:30 p.m. we (Wolfgang, Heinz, Gregor, Hannes, Claudia, Karl and Andi) began the first dismantling work, which we were able to complete by 6:30 p.m. Wolfgang brought our club equipment back to Vienna in the trailer. In total, four very intensive days came to an end. A little exhausted, but very satisfied with the extremely successful trade fair appearance here in Salzburg, we are already looking forward to next year at the Classic Expo 2024.

Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved who made this event possible.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped set up, dismantle and look after our exhibition stand.
THANK YOU to Matthias Warnecke and the Jaguar Association Germany for the iconic Jaguar E-Type and the beautiful Jaguar Mk II, which thrilled us and the visitors.
THANKS to Therese Rotschne from Manro Classic, who provided us with the fantastic Jaguar XK 120.
THANKS to Roman Kaubek for his interesting talk at the club evening in the Hotel Königgut.
And of course THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who visited us at the trade fair and/or at the club evening.

Text: A. Icha

Photos: JDOST©

JDOST club evening of our WEST section

Hannes organized the wine bar in the Hotel Königgut in Wals near Salzburg. It started at 7 p.m. Here too, our expectations were exceeded many times over. Around 30 people followed our call and, in addition to the delicious food, enjoyed the information about JDOST and Jaguar Land Rover. As part of the atmospheric evening we were able to welcome three new members – a warm welcome. Hannes thanked Matthias Warnecke (Head of the Jaguar Association Germany Munich Section) for the still young but already extremely successful cooperation. Our sponsor and friend Roman Kaubek delighted those present with very interesting information on the subject of lubricants and fuels. The wonderful evening came to an end around midnight.

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