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On a sunny Saturday in March, on March 18th, 2023 to be precise, 16 inquisitive participants enjoyed the JDOST Beauty Day 2023 at Histo-Tech in Neunkirchen.

At around 10 a.m. everyone gathered for a group photo. Yes, Wolfgang – the flags are on the photo anyway! Johannes’ Jaguar XJ6 3.2S was allowed to serve as a demonstration object. In the first part, Stefan Deutsch demonstrated how painted surfaces – here using the engine hood as an example – are treated correctly. Thorough washing is followed by cleaning with modeling clay. Next step, polishing with an eccentric polishing machine and a fur pad. Finally, wax is applied – from carnauba to ceramic, to feel the comparison. For those in a hurry, there’s also a 3-in-1 thing that cleans, polishes and waxes – the all-rounder from Meguiars. Without water is also possible. On the one hand for painted surfaces, on the other hand for rims and tires. We get to the interior via the glass cleaning. The Carpet & Interior Cleaner in combination with a nanosponge makes the almost impossible possible. After cleaning the leather, it can also be given extensive care – there are juices and creams for that too.

After all questions had been clarified, knowledge-giving technical discussions had been held and stimulating coffee had been sipped, everyone started the journey home with many ideas in their heads. Many thanks to Stefan Deutsch for the practical presentation of the most important Meguiars care products and their application and to Markus Gräf, head of Histo-Tech, for the opportunity to hold the Beauty Day in his hallowed halls and for the delicious lunch and break snacks. We are already looking forward to the next Beauty Day with Stefan Deutsch and his helpful tips & tricks.

Andreas Icha on behalf of the JDOST Board of Directors

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